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skizzle opus is a cloud-based appointment scheduling solution that caters to small and midsize businesses across various industries such as financial services, health care, legal services, salons, spas and more. skizzle opus is for businesses and individuals who not only want to make themselves online bookable, but also strive to optimise their business workflow, increase the performance of their team and increase their profits.

The Perfect Solution for your business

skizzle opus adapts easily to your business needs
regardless of the services you provide.

online appointment scheduling - Spa & Beauty salons
Spa & Beauty salons
online appointment scheduling - Children game centre
Children game centre
online appointment scheduling -  Private photographers
Private photographers
online appointment scheduling - Private tour guides
Private tour guides
online appointment scheduling -  Private clinics, Dentists
Private clinics, Dentists
online appointment scheduling - Law and business consultants
Law and business consultants
online appointment scheduling - Personal life and business coaches
Personal life and business coaches
online appointment scheduling -  Tourism industry
Tourism industry
online appointment scheduling - Repair and service centres
Repair and service centres
online appointment scheduling - Private psychologists
Private psychologists
online appointment scheduling -  Cosmetologists
online appointment scheduling - Coffee shops
Coffee shops

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Let your customers experience the convenience of 24/7 online appointment scheduling

skizzleopus will help you get more customers by scheduling online appointments and will save your time, so that you can focus on your business effectively.

online appointment scheduling

Service appointment booking

Let your customers book service appointments online. For beauty and wellness, salons, medical clinics, therapists, driving instructors, cleaning services and more.

online appointment booking application

One-on-one appointment scheduling

For therapists, personal trainers, pet care professionals, government and embassies, sales teams, and all other one-on-one appointment-based businesses.

time-slot booking software

Suitable for a variety of services

skizzleopus is a versatile booking software that works great for hotels, spa, beauty salons, repair services, dancing and fitness classes, dentists, lawyers, photographers, independent consultants, and more.

SkizzleOpus | time-slot booking solution


The online booking form has an adaptive design allowing for the perfect usability of your website.

Get to know skizzle opus

Managing your business has never been this easy!

SkizzleOpus | time-slot booking solution
SkizzleOpus | time-slot booking solution
time-slot booking software
online appointment booking application

Really awesome features to streamline your
day-to-day business

online appointment scheduling - Multistore configuration
Multistore configuration
online appointment scheduling - Responsive booking front-end
Responsive booking front-end
online appointment scheduling - Comprehensive booking history
Comprehensive booking history
online appointment scheduling - Manage booking
Manage booking
online appointment scheduling - Verification through call/SMS OTP
Verification through call/SMS OTP
online appointment scheduling - Password free login
Password free login
online appointment scheduling - Activate or Deactivate stores
Activate or Deactivate stores
online appointment scheduling - Configurable time slots for each store
Configurable time slots for each store
online appointment scheduling - Manage availability count on booking front-end
Manage availability count on booking front-end
online appointment scheduling -Multistore analytics front-end
Multistore analytics front-end
online appointment scheduling - Appointment reminders
Appointment reminders
online appointment scheduling - Instant SMS booking confirmation
Instant SMS booking confirmation

skizzle opus also helps to streamline your transition to the new normal. Being a valuable source of centralized information on space utilization, it helps to track the flow of people and manage social distancing by introducing important restrictions.”

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Pricing Plans

Manage your business and your appointments even more effectively with skizzle opus.

AED / Month / Store


  • Booking Engine
  • 100 Free SMS verification
  • 100 Minutes Free voice verification
AED / Month / Store


  • Booking Engine
  • 100 Free SMS verification
  • 100 Minutes Free voice verification